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slickwillie79 OP wrote (edited )

I don't understand the benefits of this method. What are they?

I can't see why it's any better than grabbing your items and concealing them in a blind spot and leaving. It's taking two long steps to do something that can take a few minutes imo.

I'm referring to stashing your items in a blind spot then coming back the next day btw


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

I've done this only for the specific reason that lifting at my usual spot is better at night, but that's when there's someone constantly at the door. So I take what I want at night and detach/open any tags or cases then stash it for the morning after when security is more lax.

Unless your situation is similar to this, I equally see no rhyme or reason for the method. You're giving them a chance to find your stash and (if they were supposed to be tagged, in boxes, wired, or in a case) probably look at the cameras before you come back.

Also, if they decide to investigate what happened to their inventory, they could have up to a month's worth of surveillance video. Those 2-3 days are just the one same act carried out in two unnecessary parts.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

You don’t understand the nature of lp. If they DO in fact investigate they’ll find it and put it back on the shelf to avoid the theft. No reasonable lp will watch it for more than a couple hours to see if I take it. So rather than just getting caught next time you walk in, the merchandise will just not be in the spot where you left it. It’s a way to dodge the way you would get caught with most methods.


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

I'm talking about post-theft investigation. It's true they can't do anything if they find it before you took it out of the store.


Drshoplifter wrote

Because if lp is following you and you do what you did they’ll go to the blind spot to make sure you didn’t dump the merchandise and you’ll just get caught. With my method they’ll put it back on the shelf. They won’t get concealment or even selection when you stage merchandise. If you boost you have to be very careful.