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Lurkerz1 wrote

It kinda depends on how you look at it,in a sense the products were 100% free yes BUT I for example sell and ship items out online so right off the bat mercari takes 10% seller fee per item,plus paying for shipping and shipping supplies (I steal mine though) then gas to the stores and to fedex then finally TIME? One thing alot of people I think misunderstand how much time has to be spent if you become a larger online seller,like I'm sorta but nothing to wild but just the amount I sell I'm literally spending 2 hours a day just listing items/adjusting prices,then another 30 mins packing up items that sold and on top of that replying back to questions on my items literally 24!


PinkPorcelain wrote

I have a good feeling about dealing with you.


Throwdown321 wrote

its not really 100% profit, you have to do the labor of planning, like looking at which store is easier to steal, how to conceal and how much. gas money,etc. the only way you can make huge profits, if you steal large amounts at once, such as directly from a truck or something.