Barnes and Nobles (any experience?)

Submitted by Macy5 in Shoplifting

I recently wanted to get some mangas and I paid like $150 for 72 volume of naruto and it seems like they brought it from Barnes and Nobles.

Now Iā€™m out $150. I wanna get back that much worth it more at Barnes and Noble ;3

Anyone have any idea? Maybe walk in with near by shopping bags and walk out with books? Lol and books are heavy as fuck because the other day. I try to bag some dumbbells and that was dumb of me lol. Those 20LB ones almost ripped my bag D;

But anyways. Thanks for reading


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zx1300 wrote

Bring some shopping bags in with you, go duck in an aisle where the cams can't see then put it in bag. walk around perimeter of store and exit


funwithfloss wrote

About 400+ books in the past...

I don't do backpacks into any store, I just use a large book bag with pockets that can be closed (zipped or buttoned) to the point it looks like nothing is inside the bag (short of the bigger size). Some stores have very few employees and are super easy to take books from, some are much harder due to the number of employees.

As for technique, normally get the books you want, then plant yourself in an aisle that has less foot traffic, and look like you are reading a book... then conceal and get out...


Macy5 wrote

What is the difference between backpack and Book bag? Please educate me senpai :D

No alarms? Or anything?


funwithfloss wrote

Alarms yes, see posts below about looking for tags and sensors.

Book bag is a larger book sized bag with 2 handles, one on each side of the main opening. A backpack has 2 straps on the main body away from the opening that is on top. For some reason large purses and book bags look less suspicious then backpacks, since students who tend to steal more have backpacks, while more well off customers tend to have book bags.


Macy5 wrote

Ohhhh. Good plan. I was planning on using a laptop handbag.

I could fit about 8-10 books if I tried lol


Drshoplifter wrote

Your ok using a backpack at barnes and noble. theyll think your a student. tags will usually be in plain sight but sometimes behind the barcode. if the alarm goes off keep walking no matter who yells at you to stop. they cant put their hands on you without seeing you conceal


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

All I can offer is something pretty superficial: Make ABSOLUTELY sure there's no RFID stickers on what you're taking.

Places usually have it just behind the cover, but I remember seeing some that are stuck in a random page

If your shop is like the one near me - having a Starbucks inside - then consider bagging your stuff and chilling out there for a while. Any LP or camera watchers that might've been eyeing you will most likely forget and ignore you after some time.