Looking for something specific...

Submitted by PinkPorcelain in Shoplifting (edited )

Ok, so sorry in advance for posting this here if it’s not ok.

So, I am looking to buy something specific.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer - Pink Porcelain 1

It has to be that specific shade.

I am thinking of trying Make Up For Ever Lift (haha) Concelaer but I need to actually go to Sephora to try different shades.

I have not had luck on Ebay, Amazon, Mercari, or Facebook (why would I pay more then I would at Sephora).

And I am posting here because I don’t want...counterfeit product. And I want fresh.

Anyways, thanks for reading, if you can help PM me I guess.

PS: I am looking to establish a business relationship.


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Drshoplifter wrote

If u live in DFW I’ll get it for you. Makeup is small and very easy to steal tho. You should just steal it


PinkPorcelain wrote (edited )

Dallas Fort Worth?

I’m in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

And I was put in a Diversion Program so if I do it again within a few months and get caught I get charged for the first charge and the second.

So...I am just looking to oursource like the US does with China.

Oh, and the Master List for Shoplifting does not have Sephora LP Policy listed on there, just FYI :)

PS: As a female I am hesitant to deal IRL. Just putting that out there in case others read this.


Drshoplifter wrote

Whats that mean? Your safe dealing with most people here i think, i IM'd lurkerz about you. He is very trustworthy. If he screws you over ill get it and send it to you. But he wont do that.


PinkPorcelain wrote (edited )

Well I guess as long as I meet in a public place I’m good.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

Ok, I did PM Lurkerz, his new Raddle is Lurkerz1 right?


Lurkerz1 wrote

Thanks for the referral I'll take care of the lady!


LikeDigitalaoap wrote

Just buy some sterile tubes or huge needles from Amazon. Then, pour out all the product into the sterile container and return the empty tubes for a cash refund. I do this with everything I can! Formula from Whole Foods, shampoo from Aveda, makeup. The list goes on.