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Sh0plyft3r wrote

I have been “caught” several times, but the LP/AP didn’t have their steps and couldn’t really do anything.

I have never been arrested, but have been caught and charged with misdemeanor theft. It was dismissed in court.

I hit a lot of Walmart’s. That’s probably my main store, but I go everywhere from Target to Dillard’s.

Lifting method varies depending on what I’m getting and where. Sometimes I conceal, sometimes I walkout. Barcode swaps are good for bigger items but since I have to pay it makes the profit margin smaller.

My biggest hauls come from Walmart typically where I just use a fake receipt. The Walmart app allows you to view a receipt after purchase. I photoshop the image and then use a receipt printer to print the receipt. My printer is the same model Walmart uses, so it’s badically a replica. I also use Walmart receipt paper that I bought online through Craigslist from an employee.


FuckWalmart666 wrote

Many people have been caught using that method at Wal-Mart and other stores. You're on camera while you remove merchandise from shelves and move to the returns area. Even if you're just doing walkouts, you're still on camera. Doesn't sound like it will end well for you.


Sh0plyft3r wrote

People have been caught using any and every method. So that’s irrelevant. Walking into any store puts you on camera and lifting in a time where cameras exist is always a risk.


FuckWalmart666 wrote

I understand what you're saying. If it's been working for you, more power to you, but obviously you know that there's a huge difference between using blind spots and just hoping that you won't be stopped after being surveilled while you're grabbing merchandise and attempting to walk out with a fake receipt.