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ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

Try to be a magician. Literally.

If you can easily conceal small stuff without anyone (or any camera) seeing you, then you're on the right track. (Ex. with a magnet in my pocket, I can pull it out in my fist, grab the top of a case with that hand, flip the lock while looking over the product, and then come back to just swipe it while I keep it out of sight.)

As far as confidence goes in confronting people, just try your best to think about other things and never suspect that everyone is out to get you. Try to make friends with anybody that talks to you (if they suspected anything, your calm and welcoming demeanor will easily erase that thought


Bottlecap wrote

The confidence isn't about confronting people though, it's the stealing itself. I'm constantly scared that camera up in the corner is watching me, or someone is gonna turn the corner as I'm concealing.

About the blind spots, how can you make sure where you're at is a blind spot? How do you look for blind spots without seeming suspicious? Also, how do you bring multiple items to your blind spot, then coming out with nothing, without setting off some alarms? Is it just for the legal aspect of it?


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

Cameras aren't like in the cartoons. They're not gonna weave about and around obstacles to see you; and it's these obstacles that are your friends. If you can't see the camera, the camera can't see you.

When it comes to looking at where the cameras are, just try not to stare straight at them. Use your peripheral vision or tilt your head down but keep your eyes in the sky

After you have a good idea of where the cameras are, find a spot that none of them have a good sightline to and, if the spot is good for it, use it to stage or conceal your items.

Protip: Even if you see a camera from where you are, chances are that it can't see below your stomach. Crouch down and use that angle if you must.