Beginner looking for tips.

Submitted by RandomPerson in Shoplifting

I’m a beginner at lifting I’ve stolen a pack of staples and a small bike repair kit before. I was wondering if you guys have any tips how to lift bigger things? (for example clothes) Anything will be appreciated!


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RagingDalak wrote

if you want clothes for shirts you can get the shirt you want and put it under a shirt you want to "try on" so they only count one item when you enter the fitting room and then take the shirt you want and put it under the shirt you are wearing. if you want to take small electronics like chargers etc. take one as if you are buying it and go to a low-traffic camera blind spot area after like 10 mins to make sure you aren't being followed because of your demographics. then put it in your shorts/pants waistband. also you can bring a backpack and a friend. they will let you bring bags in if you look like you are out on a walk etc. wear ex. tee shirt, shorts, a cap, sunglasses, tennis shoes. you get the merch that doesn't have a tag and let your friend hold it then you "get water" out of the pocket that you will be putting the goods in and keep the pocket open just enough for the item(s). go to your favorite blind spot and have your friend put it in the backpack while you wear it. and then leave quickly.


Drshoplifter wrote

Conceal off camera for sure. Always make it so they wouldn’t catch you even if they were following you. Or trying too. For example, bury what your gonna steal under some outfits in a handbasket. Go to fitting room and conceal the item and put the outfits back in cart exactly the way they were so they can’t see the item underneath is missing.


youbuyingweselling wrote

there is no grand secrets. its all common sense stuff. nowadays the internet has provided us with a wealth of information not normally accessible. read up on retail security. in north america, its gonna be pretty much the same set ups at stores give or take a few minor things. knowledge is power.