My plan for tommorow, any advice

Submitted by Hayden in Shoplifting (edited )

  1. go to shoe store and ask for large shopping bag

  2. leave shoe store with bag and not lift anything, go to the shopping mall nearby and use the shoe store bag to lift things from there. if all goes successfully, ill ask for another empty bag from there

  3. after, head down to another department store and use same (or different) bag to lift some more

  4. after all of that, ill head back to the shoe store (hopefully the workers have changed b then) and then lift a box of shoes

good ?


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[deleted] wrote


Hayden wrote

It worked, I got a thick checkered coat thats real nice, some art supplies but didnt get around to lifting the shoes


Lurkerz1 wrote

Yes except make sure whatever bag your using isnt kinda see through at all and itll work IF your smart about where your concealing plus not getting carried away/greedy. Another suggestion I highly recommend would be after step1 have like a sweatshirt on and put it in the bag so your not walking in another store with an empty bag,then after EVERY store you lift from return to your vehicle unload everything about that sweatshirt and repeat and finish the rest of your steps.