How to lift headphones

Submitted by a7824 in Shoplifting

My (in ear) headphones are busted, how can I get some new ones. I guess they're tagged. Is that something I could peel off or is it inside the box. And do you think I'll draw attention picking up headphones and walking around the store to conceal


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Lurkerz1 wrote

What kind of headphones are we talking and what store are you getting them from?


a7824 wrote

Like inexpensive earbuds. I'm uk so I might get them from sainsburys or another store I never go to that I can risk setting off the alarm. Don't know if i can be bothered hiding them for the next day and even if they'll still be there


RandomPerson wrote (edited )

I just put a pair in my pockets and then left. No alarm or nothing

Edit: yeah I just stole another pair, just put it in my hoodie pocket and walked out. Easy


a7824 wrote

I'm sure i'm overthinking it lol. I've been meaning to go and get a bunch of stuff soon, should get off my ass and do it


RagingDalak wrote

Half-Price books has headphones and like 20 blind spots. i lift there all the time for fun


Throwdown321 wrote

usually headphones are tightly locked up now. depends on the store your going to.


Drshoplifter wrote

Just stage them in a blind spot and conceal them the next day, yes headphones are sus. thats what i do with high sus items/hauls. It may be wise to go to the bathroom and open the box to look for tags. if alarm goes off definitely keep walking if they try to stop you


SlickRick611 wrote

That sounds like a lot of work. I’m too lazy for that. I use my key to pop off the most expensive pair they have, pop off the spider wrap, then walk my overjoyed ass to the unmanned Sporting Goods counter, and place them down right on top of that gray Sensormatic pad. It couldn’t BE in bigger letters! One beep from the pad, and you’re on your way!