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Macy5 wrote

Good luck friend. Your plan seems fine to me. But hmmmm. I think you should buy one. Quickly put it in your car and wonder your way back inside and walk out with another one.

Then return a few days later to return the other one.

Like you know. Have proof you brought it in


0siris OP wrote

Done already, PetSmart accepts returns without coupons so I lifted bout$500 in small stuff, got some terrariums and flipped all of them.


Macy5 wrote

Wow. Gj gj

For me personally. I have only done stuff like that from Walmart lol

I put $10 bed sheet on $50 one. Buy it and come back a few days to return my $50 bed sheet because it was too big lol.

But they still took my ID and stuff. Soooo yeah