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LikeDigitalaoap wrote

Motherfucking close call!! When I got to the mall today, I notice mall security tailing me. I cheated him up and he was nice, but nervous! I purchased my item then went to another store. My magnet didn’t go off when I went in. I had it in my purse. I put the items in my shopping bag while in a blind spot. Then I went to the fitting room, detaached is he magnets, put the items in my shopping bag and put the magnets in random parts s of hey he clothes that I tried on. I made sure the fitting room dude didn’t see the items I had and I made sure to put them back myself. Hey When I left, the damn towers went off and the mall cop was right outside th goddamn store! I stayed calm, walked into gap kids and asked to pee. While in the loo, I contemplated flushing the clothes. But these are some nice ass clothes, y’all! Then I considered bolting through the security exit! I then called a friend and pretended to look for them in the mall while walking towards the exit and confirming no one was tailing me. When I arrived at the mall exit doors, I sat on a bench and looked to make sure no one was there. Then, I got into my car, locked the dam doors and went home!!


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

Looks like the clothes you took was source tagged (in other words, it had tags inside of them).

This is relatively recent for clothing. But, unlike hard objects with unmoving barcodes, clothing tags can remain active after scanning because the barcode and tag could be too far for the machine to deactivate them. And that's probably why you weren't followed after leaving the store.