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Drshoplifter wrote

Lol, dont worry about it you got away. Go back in there and run out the fire door with a cart full of TV's. If you would have been caught then they would have stopped you. If lp was at the door then they definitely weren't following on cam. It'd be somewhat obvious if they followed you on foot. Does this walmart have a lot of cams? Did you conceal in front of them? Even if so its likely they weren't even pointed at you. You can glance up at them to make sure next time. Their most common cam looks like an empty dome until its in use, the camera drops down from the top and its obvious where its pointed.


Yourlocallifter wrote

Doesn’t the fire door sound an alarm?


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I was kind of kidding. lol. but what does it matter if youll be gone anyway. By policy staff will evacuate and wont suspect theft. Lp will likely make sure everyone gets out safely although they may just evacuate because they're only required to evacuate.


LikeDigitalaoap wrote

Ohhhh! So when it’s in use, it opens and a camera pops out?! At my local supermarket and cvs, they have tons of cams, but I’ve never ever seen anything pop out!