Finally had a “too close for comfort” moment- Weird story

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I’m not gonna lie, I have been beating the shit out of my hometown for two months now. And that includes the Walmart but I have hit other stores way more.

It’s funny how paranoid you can feel on the scene and how different you can feel once it’s over.

So I need a brief trip to Walmart, only for my own stuff, nothing to sell- some school supplies and a ankle brace. It is 10 PM. Loss prevention is at both doors still ( which I wasn’t aware of until, well you’ll see).

I spent a long time in the store, one because I’m bored and two because I didn’t want to miss anything that I knew I needed. I didn’t even have $40 worth of stuff. So I start Concealing at different places that I’ve used before, no big deal.

At one point, I see what i assume is a CSM or something, yellow vest, but has some title. She doesn’t catch me concealing, not even close.

I am aware though, that my bag is stuffed full. I don’t have a zipper so it’s possible to be spotted if somebody’s looking closely. That’s how sloppy I’ve gotten.

I go to garden center to leave but it turns out that door is locked. Well I’m passing the garden center, I have a good look at the cash register area, for an S3 key. I try not to be too obvious, but at the same time I’ve gotten so used to doing whatever I want that I know I’m being sloppy .

I had entered the store through entrance one, and I was trying to leave through entrance 2. I get to entrance 2 and I see that a male LP is there (remember him, he returns). Surprised, I decide to go out the other door because I feel more comfortable about that LP person. I have left a few items in my cart because it is a new strategy of mine where I get more than I need and leave something behind, Or sometimes even pay for the extra stuff.

I grab my STUFFED bag and hold it closed under my arm, leave the cart w the few things in it and leave. LP says “have a good night.” I get to the car and start thinking about the 6 pack of Bud Light sitting in the cart, decide I want it, and head back in to PAY for it.

Cart is gone, just that quick. I decide to go looking at Cust Service just in case, maybe I can still grab it and pay. There, I see LP (the one I’m comfortable with) with one hand on my cart, talking to the “manager” that saw me earlier. They’re really TALKING.

Now I may be paranoid, but I beat it the fuck out of there.

Here’s what makes it weird. I go to sheets (bc gotta buy that beer somewhere), and as I’m leaving, I see the WAL-MART LP GUY FROM ENTRANCE 2.

He doesn’t look at me at all... but I’m still deciding if he’s following me when I realize he must have been sent on break and has no idea. I’m pretty sure this is the case bc I left super fast from Walmart, and there would be no reason to follow me to sheets. Even tho it’s less than a mile from WM,he’d easily already gotten my plates. It’s a smallish city so not unheard of to run into someone. And he bought cigarettes.

Or he got me and is turning in my plates.... oh well, i don’t have to answer the door. If they wanna kick it down over $40 then I guess we can talk then...

These moments are so freaky bc of the unknown. Am I busted to shit, I don’t think so- hell, the two talking could have been discussing their hot lesbian love affair for all I know. And the LP Guy “following” to sheets? Why make his presence known? maybe he just wanted cheaper cigarettes.

Oh well, could be worse, I guess. Either way,that Wal-Mart and I will not be seeing each other for a good, long while.



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Uk_Lifts wrote

I think uve got away with it ur just being extra paranoid i get like that 2 sometimes when uno ur doing summit “wrong” ur idea seem pure far fetched u went back in the shop nothing happened u seen the guy somewhere else nothing happened he never said nothing to ya ur alright try & chill I think ur in the clear


Drshoplifter wrote

Lol, dont worry about it you got away. Go back in there and run out the fire door with a cart full of TV's. If you would have been caught then they would have stopped you. If lp was at the door then they definitely weren't following on cam. It'd be somewhat obvious if they followed you on foot. Does this walmart have a lot of cams? Did you conceal in front of them? Even if so its likely they weren't even pointed at you. You can glance up at them to make sure next time. Their most common cam looks like an empty dome until its in use, the camera drops down from the top and its obvious where its pointed.


Yourlocallifter wrote

Doesn’t the fire door sound an alarm?


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I was kind of kidding. lol. but what does it matter if youll be gone anyway. By policy staff will evacuate and wont suspect theft. Lp will likely make sure everyone gets out safely although they may just evacuate because they're only required to evacuate.


LikeDigitalaoap wrote

Ohhhh! So when it’s in use, it opens and a camera pops out?! At my local supermarket and cvs, they have tons of cams, but I’ve never ever seen anything pop out!


youbuyingweselling wrote (edited )

one time i had a bad stop at a dicks sporting goods. i was staging like 400-500 dollar golf clubs inside fold-up camping chairs, purchasing the chairs and then returning the chairs. that particular day, i got ran up on in the parking lot but i had no merchandise on me, so i obviously just left despite having a encounter with management/lp. later that evening, a police officer shows up at my house because obvs they took my license plate number. i asked for proof, he didnt have any, so i told him to leave and he did. nothing ever came of it. i called the store a few days later, pretended to have lost my wallet in the aisle where i knew a golf club (still tagged) was and instantly revealed myself and talked a lot of shit. lol.... point being, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. they have to follow certain protocols. even the police do.

i wouldnt have gone back in tbh.


LikeDigitalaoap wrote

Fuck! Good you got your stash and beat it out of there! Go out of town next time! Hugs!