stealing alcohol

Submitted by babyreya in Shoplifting

i need some tips on how to steal alcohol from Walmart, (only 17 so i'm too young to purchase it) i was hoping to get some hennessy, and does Walmart put the security tags on alcohol? thanks!


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Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

no tags on it. Go hide it under the bottom shelf on an isle that cameras cant see, bag it up the next day if its still there.


ISellingUWannaBuy wrote

I've stolen liquor multiple times, wear a hoodie and conceal in your waistband. Look for more slender bottles


Avalon wrote

I'm so jelly... All hard alcohol is sold from a single store chain in Finland, the highest you can find in any supermarket is 5.5% fug finland.


Sandboxgamer16 wrote

Hey. I recently stole a can of jack Daniels. Definitely worth it. And if you can find a store that sells alcohol without towers. That makes it even better. But stealing alcohol is like stealing any item from a ship. Pick up, conceal it in blind spot and go. And you should be find considering I did this and I'm 14