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LP420 wrote

I can smell LP from the other side of the store but I never personally lifted anything before, hence why I'm trying to get into the mindset of a lifter and get the courage and charisma needed to pull it off. Often times I feel like I'm in great position to lift something but I always end up giving up before trying which is what I'm trying to change


Lurkerz1 wrote

Yeah I'm sure you know this but IMO the single biggest factor to getting away with it is your charisma,getting to the point where you show no ques of nervousness or indicators. Thus no employees will say anything,nor customers ratting, and if LP is watching will move on faster. It takes time but if you can just convince your mind your not stealing it helps with it.


chadonion wrote

be stealthy, learn from pickpocketing. the skill will let you get the item and hide it quickly. lurk on the raddle for methods and techniques.