Thinking of doing GameStop or Costco for my first lift.

Submitted by Drogpard in Shoplifting

need a new xbox one controller, and thinking these two spots might be easier than the wiki says. I could 100% be wrong as i know almost nothing, however when i scouted out my local gamestop, there seems to be no theft towers, and there's a big display shelf next to the cashier's desk that completely hides the person behind it. It seems easy enough if i can grab the controller while he is distracted and then conceal it behind this shelf.

costco on the other hand might be even easier. If i grab my usual food purchases and then conceal the controller on my person before paying, the door receipt checker isn't going to suspect much if i paid for the items in the bag. i could possibly even put the controller in the bottom of a bag because theyve never checked in my bags before.

my first thought was to hit up walmart, but all the controllers are behind a display case and i need experience before i move into lockpicking.

what do you guys think? is this too risky for a beginner? appreciate all the help.


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Drshoplifter wrote

Go find a blind spot in Costco, and hide the controller under the bottom shelf there. Come back the next day and conceal it. Go about your normal shopping after that.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

at costco they usually lock those up the in merchandise room now. too many people were stealing the consoles, controllers and games on the sales floor. I STOLEN so many nintendo games until they finally put them in the merchandise room. You can steal other stuff of value, make sure to buy something that is large enough to conceal your stuff, however you have to go through the entrance, and register though. there are many blindspots in costcos, but its pretty difficult to steal large items and trying to go through the register or entrances unnoticed, other items that are smaller you can conceal it yourself. The best sections i used to steal at costco when nintendo games were still on sales floor, i grab scissors in store and open them and then i use to scissors and bring it to the chair aisle where there are hidden alcoves between the boxes you can use to steal and open your products, it works better if there is people that are helping you shoplift. the scissors you just lifted are for opening the products you want to lift. after thats done i just ditch the scissors there.


Drogpard wrote

appreciate the advice!


jigga3 wrote

if you get a second person to place the controller on a bottom shelf it might be even harder to pinpoint a shoplifter


Bottlecap wrote

I understand this strategy, but why do you prefer to wait until the next day to get it and also risking it being found? I personally would rather just get in and out.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Its just so safe, and it almost always is there the next day unless lp saw you go to the blind isle with it and exit without it. in which case you'd just get caught because they know you concealed it if its not there. No lp is going to see that you staged something and leave it for more than about an hour or 2, they wont watch it for that long, waste of time when there are other shoplifters. and they certainly wont leave it and let it get stolen.


Macy5 wrote

Well if your local GameStop is busy. Then go for it.

Mine is kinda empty most of the time

Costco is a great choice because it’s busy and stuff

More customers over staff = easier to lift without being caught