Family dollar internal theft/hidden cams

Submitted by mugen in Shoplifting (edited )

I work at family dollar and i lifted some shit in the back room out of view of the cameras. Only thing im afraid about are hidden cameras and shit. Any insight into how they handle internal theft or if they incorporate hidden cams? It was an impulsive steal, feel like i shouldnt shit where i eat.



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Roareth wrote

I can tell you (as a former LP on contract with Family Dollar) The center cross section of the store and the back corner opposite corner of the registers are the best blind spots. They only have about 9 actual camera's that work and the video quality there is the worse that I had even seen. (Dollar General is the same way since it's the same corporation. The employee's will get fired if they try and stop someone for lifting and their actual store LP's are told that if a lifter runs let them run or get fired. They use plain clothes LP, but you can sniff most of them out because they like to think they're "store detectives" and try to act like a rookie cop. They won't invest in a hidden camera to try and catch an employee stealing so don't sweat it. I couldn't stand working with them and they will always set the employee's to try and fire them.


Whatchagonnado wrote

Don’t lift from that Family Dollar anymore. Go to another one. Some people here are just pretty experienced with shoplifting and know how easy Family Dollar is. It’s kind of a starter store. Because you can’t get anything there worth selling


Drshoplifter wrote

If you keep stealing they may plant a hidden cam to try to catch you. That’s not something that you can expect to find if it’s the first time you stole.


Newt wrote

Our Family Dollar has cameras. Are they fake? Hell if I know. I treat any camera as if it's real.


Lurkerz1 wrote

It super easy to lift there but dont lift from your place of work applies to anywhere so yeah just dont again


ergdj5 wrote

stealing from where you work is great, super easy to get away with and usually they're in plazas with like 8 shitty shops of the same sort