how risky is target actually?

Submitted by zx1300 in Shoplifting

I see people saying target's lp is god-tier. Although I haven't lifted anything from them via concealment method, I've lifted from them via not ringing up everything during self checkout. I've done this 3 times now over the past few months and never had a problem. Or is it that they just don't monitor self checkout that well?


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Ferrosplice wrote

I constantly lift from there no problem. Maybe the LP at my store is just lazy tho.


Amberzey wrote

I've tag switched here and conceal smaller items in the pockets of clothing I'm trying on. I've heard so many horror stories from this store. I'm super careful and don't push it at target.


slickwillie79 wrote

Just the large amount of cameras is enough for me not to lift from there. I try to avoid being seen as much as possible so I can continue hitting the same places.


madmaggs wrote

I’ve only had an issue one when I was with a group of friends who were fucking around acting like we were at Walmart or something. Two people followed us (basically chased us) around the store super close until we stopped by the food and they just walked away. Other than that myself and others I know have hit target for very small things without problems. I highly suggest Walmart though I’ve heard too many stories about Target


Lurkerz1 wrote

I would say its store dependent BUT think of it this way Target as a whole definitely has the ability to have killer LP everywhere but that just doesnt make sense financially so smaller targets with low sales and low shrink dont have killer LP only because they dont give that store the money to do so. Now Walmart on the other hand does the same thing lower sale/shrink stores will have less LP but even the stores that are high shrink and have more LP just dont have the kinda tech that target does.


Yourlocallifter wrote

You shouldn’t. Walmart is similar to Target but has crappier lp. I would go there instead.