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Megalomaniac wrote

As far as price swapping goes, I go to the fabric section and grab one of those $.97 cent squares. Cut out the barcode at home with an exacto knife, peel it off, then keep it on a small plastic card (library card is what I use). When it comes time to use it I peel it off and put it in the palm of my hand then scan that instead. Once I leave I put it back on the card for future use. If it stops sicking either clear tape or just get a new piece of fabric. Recently actually purchased a Hot Wheel car (also around $.97ish; just didn't feel like lifting it - was in a rush) for the same purposes.

Careful with no scanning. Was at a Walmart today that apparently had new cameras that watched body movement from above. Could tell I was scanning an item and moving a second item to the bag while the scanner was red. Will then require the person monitoring to enter their code to authorize continued purchase and give the option to rescan or not rescan AND shows them a clip of what you did. Got lucky today - guy didn't give a flying f* even though it happened multiple times. Though apparently everyone was having issues because it's "sensitive to movement/scanning certain ways." This was the first time I've encountered a self checkout like this; was next to the highway though so it could just be at high loss stores (for now).

Also have another type of concealment. Usually only do this when I have a lot of groceries. Get whatever I want and put it at the bottom of the cart first. Then get the cheapest big bag of cat food/litter (actually have cats) and place it on top of the items. Go through self checkout, scan the food/litter bag with the gun then proceed to scan other items normally (often not scanning everything as well) and throwing the bags on top of and around the litter. Obviously wouldn't work with a lot of thick items (maybe one of two if you center them), but perfect for quite a few small/flat items. Probably ended up with close to $130 (+ tax) worth of hair styling products today using this method. Suppose one could double that by repeating the process with items on top of that bag and another bag. Optionally scanning both bags (though I'd probably scan just one and pretend to scan both with the gun.)


Whatchagonnado wrote

Hey! I Also have cats. I only do it about every other month at the same store, for example Martins Or Food Lion. I go in, fill up with litter and cat food, maybe some expensive meats or some other things that I want that are large, and walk out with the whole cart.

Alternatively you could steal some bags and put a bunch of small things in them if you preferred that.