Couple questions from a noob.

Submitted by Bigassbit in Shoplifting

Thinking about lifting stuff from Walmart to resell. I’ve stolen small items from WM and gas stations once in a while since I was a teenager. Pretty good at keeping my cool and all that shit.

1: y’all talk about concealing off camera, etc... but it doesn’t make sense to me how there’s a point. If a LP sees you enter a blind spot with an item(s) then exit it without it... doesn’t that prove you concealed it anyway? Same goes for stashing it for a later lift.

2: bags seem like they would draw a lot of attention. how do you combat this? Can you?

3: what items would you recommend to start with at WM and other easier stores for resale online? Not trying to get rich, just want to lift to help fund a new PC.

Honestly i feel like the best move to grab something like a Bluetooth speaker would be the old receipt method and just keep moving when the alarm goes off in the garden section. Or fake a phone call..



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terrificbuilder wrote

  1. not if they're not actively monitoring the cameras, which they don't.

  2. they don't.

  3. controllers, transformer/star wars action figures, games.


Drshoplifter wrote

Most lp wont stop you unless they actually observe you conceal. half the time if someone exits a blind spot without the item, they didn't conceal it. go to the lp sub on reddit and ask these questions if you dont believe me. act like your an lp officer and you observed that in your store. what should you have done? and one poster made a stop in that exact situation and everyone else said hes a lawsuit waiting to happen and shouldn't have made the stop.

bags draw initial attention but if they think your just shopping they move on and watch someone else. shoplifters give off several signs.

if an alarm goes off and you have stolen merchandise, keep walking and go out the door and to your car with the merchandise. and drive off of the property. no matter who yells at you to stop.


Lurkerz1 wrote

New video games,controllers for any console,high end makeup "so nothing Walmart has" instax mini cameras, smart home devices and streaming sticks... all of these will flip stupid fast if you list in new unopened cond for like 40% off new


Newt wrote

For smaller or flatter items, grab two of the same item. Go to your blind spot and conceal. Leave the blind spot with that item visible in your cart. Right before you leave, hand it to an employee and ask them to put it back, because you're in a hurry. Be sure to remember the employee's name on their name tag. In the unlikely event someone tries to stop you, tell them who you gave the item to. They'll have to believe a fellow employee, and you're in the clear.