Hehe. Hit the mall

Submitted by Macy5 in Shoplifting

As you guys suggested. I hit the mall 1 hour away from my house

Got 3 pants MSRP $70 3 Ties MSRP $50 2 pack of socks. MSRP $20 6 boxers MSRP $15 A tool kit MSRP $30 Winter jacket MSRP $199

Mannn. I feel good lol

I wanted a few hats. But couldn’t get the tag off. So I kinda gave up.

But yay. I probably won’t go there again in a few months lol



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Cufflux wrote

I don't doubt you did, but how did you manage to conceal a winter jacket through the doors?


Macy5 OP wrote

Hehe. I got very lucky. The winter jack is one of these jacket that have a mini handbag that you can fold it up into it. Then it fits