Lifting Haul

Submitted by Fasthands in Shoplifting (edited )

I'm so glad that the online lifting community is a thing because it is taking all strength not to post my hauls right to Instagram. My last visit to the mall I broke my record and lifted $308.10. I would've gotten more but I knew if I walked out of the mall with too much stuff my mom would get suspicious. I need to make sure I don't get cocky because by the end I was convinced it was the easiest thing i've ever done. I stole from Walmart for the first time and I was so paranoid while in the store. I heard announcements about closing exits and swore they were trying to trap me in there. But I got out without any sus from employees. I've found that the best way to lift is to put stuff in your purse/tote the walk up to the front desk and ask for a large bag(if they as why you can say you're doing a project on marketing). After you leave the store You put the stuff you stole into the new large bag. I love to do this because when you walk through the mall with 10 bags stuffed to the brim with clothes and jewelry it makes you feel invincible.



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Throwdown321 wrote

are you a teen or something? if you have your own car, if not i would suggest getting a cheap car where you can stash your hauls in, so your mom wont get suspicious, but this is probably not an option yet, if you cant drive.


Macy5 wrote

Oh. What they’ll just give you a bag like that?

I usually buy from there and come back a week later and stuff it full muhahaha

#i also hit the mall yesterday :3