Sorry to ask again about 3 alarm padlock...

Submitted by Whatchagonnado in Shoplifting (edited )

3 alarm padlock? How is it opened? What makes it go off? Can I just cut it and run?

Also these are inexplicably connected to the podium with a cord that will fall right off when the lanyard is opened.

I swear on my life imma get a Frye purse from Belk. And another one to sell.



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highendlover wrote

  1. It is opened using a s3 key i believe 2. It goes off when the wire is cut. 3. You can but it will chirp. If you decide to just cut it sink it in water. The water will not destroy it but it will make the circuits malfunction causing it to stop chirping.

Throwdown321 wrote

you might need a large container with water, or soda in it, soda will do more damage. like a large mcdonalds cup, and then cut it?