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A_Plus wrote

I just accept the fact that the summer time is a down period for me and just get things that are small enough to fit in my pants pockets, some of these items include candy bars, pens, batteries, medicines and small bottle items like soaps and sauces/condiments. I try to stock up on items that can fit into my coat pocket such as lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, fragrances, air-freshners, drain-o, mouthwash during the month of May because it's the last month where you will have days cold enough to where a coat. Thankfully, I lifted enough of those products to last until mid September when the weather starts getting cool again. lol

I don't have the balls to use a backpack like some of you. I guess if you use a backpack you can lift whatever you want year round and the weather is not an issue. I do use the self checkout to lift though, but I pretty much use it for items that are too big to conceal.


Drshoplifter wrote

They typically aren’t watching even if you do have a bag. When using a bag you want to use methods where they won’t see you conceal even if they’re watching you. You have to be creative and use blind spots. I burry things under some clothes in a hand basket. Go to fitting room to conceal with clothing still in place so they can’t see the items under are missing.