Close Encounters

Submitted by Megalomaniac in Shoplifting (edited )

Story time! Just got back from a local, small town dollar store run. (Pretty much the only store that isn't mom & pops.) Was bored so thought I'd case the place out and see what, if anything, was both safe & worth flipping. Which, sadly, doesn't appear to be too much. Maybe some supplements, face cleansing, etc. stuff if I sold multiples at once? Unfortunately the ones I would have picked only had one of each in stock at the moment so passed this trip.

Grabbed some pens, gorilla glue, and eye drops. Things I could actually use and would inevitably need; maybe flip the glue if it was worth it. (Seriously, every cent counts at this point.) Bought some candy to satisfy my sweet tooth and headed out the door right next to where I checked out. And then it happened. The dredded "beep. beep." of the newly installed towers (and no, it wasn't because of me... this time.)

Continued walking as if nothing happened, had some difficulties getting the right key on my chain due to some nerves (haven't triggered any towers anywhere in quite some time so startled me a bit), glanced up (no one came out; to be expected though right? have to be seen to be pursued out the doors/while on property?), and calmly drove off. Probably wont go back to this particular store for at least a month and only after a shave & a hair cut after that.

For the life of me couldn't figure out what set it off though. Waited to get home to check everything. Feel like an idiot now, but it's what I get for nabbing something outside of my norm. Big yellow box on the glue: "Electronically protected. If found call..." ๐Ÿ˜–#fml

Bit of a rush. So that was fun, but no longer really seeking that rush. Just want to get ahead on bills for once. Just a little ahead, yknow?

So anyways, anyone have any advice besides "be more observant"? lol ๐Ÿ˜… Maybe item suggestions to flip that shouldn't be source or otherwise tagged? Should try flipping the tagged items or no? And would magnets work on their tag? It's behind the sticker, yeah, since I don't think they have them on the same item at like Walmart?



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Drshoplifter wrote

I use a faraday bag so i dont have to worry about alarms. If an alarm goes off just keep walking. go out the door and too your car with their merchandise no matter who yells at you to stop.


Megalomaniac OP wrote (edited )

Thank you for the advice.

I keep hearing about faraday bags, but I can't sow worth a damn. Could I rig one up using duct tape or staple it together? Velcro or something to close the top? Or would it be better to maybe tape like squares of it against the insides of a reuseable freezer shopping bag?


Whatchagonnado wrote

Have I gotten too relaxed? This wouldnโ€™t have fazed me in the least.


Megalomaniac OP wrote

Six months ago would have been the exact same way, and man what a ride that was. Since then been sticking to small meaningless stuff just to get my fix. Have just lost my game/confidence/whatever... or maybe it's just the different environment than I'm used to. Now if it was Walmart wouldn't have been a problem at all. Basically my sandbox. lol

Still... probably good to get shook up a bit from time to time, y'know? Last time I got too over confident and ended up getting sloppy, careless - it ended badly. Hopefully it's not the same for you though. Good luck & all the best, my friend. :)


Lurkezzz wrote

Your not going to really have anything you can lift at a dollar store that is flip able for profit just an FYI


Newt wrote

Dollar store shit is flippable. There are people who buy all sorts of shit at Dollar Tree, then flip it on Amazon. They use an Amazon app on their phones to see if the crap is selling well, then buy it if it is. I couldn't believe it until I saw it in action on YouTube.


gardcnia wrote

I don't blame you. Wouldn't have really observed a box of glue. If it's a dollar store, I highly doubt they'd care that a box of glue has gone missing?


Megalomaniac OP wrote

lol Yeah, I'm not too worried about it. Think the whole haul was less than $30 anyways. Just really surprised me. Was a little shook up at the time, but was a good reminder at least.