Vaping products

Submitted by ifthreewerenine in Shoplifting

Is there any possible way to lift something like the Juul?

Would the Amazon "I didn't receive this in the mail" trick work?

I have't been into a smoke/vape shop since about 2008, so I don't know how locked down everything is in there.


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Aesbeth wrote

I can't talk for the US, but I can for france. Here, pretty much every vape product is behind the counter and vape themselves well kept too. Lig]fting those could be possible, but the hit will have a tight timing, and it's probably something I would do in group, not alone.


Buddabuddacup wrote

My friend went to a gas station late at night with a group of friends where there is only 1 employee on that shift. He created a distraction by spilling some soda “on accident”. While the only employee was cleaning that shit up, another person came in and took some juul pods, cigs, and a bunch of other items behind the counter.

Smart ass shit right there


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Not very locked down. But you would likely have to reach over a counter. This goes for most smoke shops I go to. I personally don’t do this tho. The store is too small and there’s a high risk you’d get notice unless you ask the employee to go get something for you in the back.