Amazon scam - price limit?

Submitted by blipblopBAM in Shoplifting

Have seen other threads about pretending you didn't receive an item from amazon, essentially getting the item for free. Was wondering if there is a price limit on single items, in my case I was thinking about doing it with a nice digital camera (about $400USD). would something like this be easy to scam or maybe require a signature upon delivery at all times?


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thekraken wrote

Amazon (if they are the seller) will require a signature for a $400 order. Any competent 3rd party seller will, as well. If you're outside the US, you could try the slowest shipping option from a 3rd party seller, and hope that they ship via USPS (tracking generally doesn't work properly on USPS' site once it leaves the US with certain shipping methods), but that's hit-or-miss. You'd probably have better luck saying it arrived, but was damaged. Again, though, you may or may not succeed. There's no hard and fast for guaranteeing a scam will work, it's more about trying it and seeing if it will. You'll need to be able to live with the possibility of just being out the money in the end.


Throwdown321 wrote

seems pretty risky, the other party might see your scamming, or they sent it in honesty. and amazon is probably aware of people doing this. 400$ seems pretty red flaggery. In ebay i wont do this either, people have been scammed by con artists left and right, someone might dispute the claim, and you can get still get charged for buying the prouduct even if you claimed never had it. You use a address not connected to your home. PO BOX?