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Lurkezzz wrote

Personally I hit kohls with this method cause at my local one they keep both pairs in the box BUT I've only done for personal use so on a large scale IDK may be risky. I've currently done it now 3 times I got 2 new pairs of Nike sb just different colors and a pair of nice Nike running shoes


terrificbuilder wrote

probably not what you want to hear but Payless is painfully easy. crappy shoe quality but meh I haven't bought shoes in years.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Id go for some medium sized store in the mall. that probably doesn't have someone watching cameras. but is big enough to where you can find a low customer traffic corner of the store. theres one in my mall thats perfect, forgot the name of it. but the cameras are large domes with a flashing red light on the bottom. and im pretty sure they're fake.