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Throwdown321 wrote

theres faraday fabric out there, you need to have the booster bag premade before enteering the store. if your lifting something large, like a laptop, your gonna need one of those large bags.

wrapping foil on the floor is basically suspect to anyone


Drshoplifter wrote

One layer of foil will work but for your safety go ahead and use several. I made a bag out of faraday fabric and I use that


thief moderator wrote

You'd be better off just making a booster bag because you would need to wrap the item in SEVERAL layers and it's going to look super sketchy just wrapping some item in foil unless you have a plan. Not to mention it's prolly just gonna sounds like CRKCKRKCKRCKKCKR in your pocket or clothing or bag.

Walking in with a backpack is less sketchy than walking in with a roll of tin foil and wrapping a box with it