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ElectroKool wrote (edited )

Pin this up so everyone can see.

A big tip is to call in the middle of the night. When the reddit place was still up, an experienced Amazon scammer wrote an essay on what to do. He said this was really key because typically in the day you get your stingy customer service people, but at night you get your super kind, barely-speaks-english customer service people.

Amazon just wants to please their customers. So I’ve heard its bad to put on a facade and make up a sob story, but in my experience sob stories help.


thekraken OP wrote (edited )

I can certainly see this being the case, for sure. I haven't tried middle of the night calling myself, but I tend to rely more on the social engineering side of it, so I prefer someone who speaks English well and whom I can build a report with. I have even had a CS person decide to 'take charge' of my case, and monitor my claim and call me back with updates over the course of several day, until the process was complete and I got my refund. This was mostly due to how nice I was to them and how upset/bothered I was with my 'experience' with the 3rd party seller.