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WavyJessa wrote

Thanks, I would never in a million years stop if the alarms went off, and you're right that I should just remove all the tags anyway to be on the safe side :)

As a follow-up question, I'm curious where everyone here usually disposes of all the removed tags? On the floor in the dressing room? Put it in the pocket of another item and put that item back on the rack outside the dressing room?

Leaving it in the dressing room seems more logical to me because technically if they found the tags in another piece of clothing and wanted to go through the trouble, they could review footage until they saw me putting it back on the rack after leaving the dressing room.


thief moderator wrote

I've never lifted clothes, so I'll leave that for someone else to answer, but leaving them in the dressing room sounds kinda sketch to me. If I were you I would take a lot of items and bury the ones you want in the middle of the stack, conceal the ones you want (after detagging) and put the tags inside the clothing you are returning to shelves. Specifically pants with pockets so, like,, they don't fall out of the right sleeve of a t-shirt, you know?


RobbinHood92 wrote

Lol. I’ll also bring in pants or jeans with me. Also a lot of clothes. Like 15(I’ll take like 3-4)

And for paper tags. I stuff them in pants

For metal tags. I clip them on something else. Because hey. Where else to put them?

For the clothes hangers. I’ll double hand the clothes and when I’m done. I’ll be a good samaritan and help put them back where I found them.

Is your Zara in a shopping mall or plaza?


WavyJessa wrote

It's technically in a mall, but the doors are street facing on a busy shopping street in a major city.

Lifting from that area is nice because as soon as you make it out the door it's easy to disappear into shopping crowds :)