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gardcnia wrote

Unlucky! The only glue stores I've been to have been pretty decent. Scored an untagged Tommy Hilfiger jacket once.

Conceal on the floor as in hide in your jacket or your bag for the meantime. To then properly detag in the changerooms.

And not sure about real life for hook, it may be risky and more expensive I assume. SAs are store assisants.

Stores like general pants is alright, generally dim and cramped. Got an insight jacket from there untagged once and stussy sweats. City beach is always packed with stock but they have tags, changerooms are generally unmonitored and empty too. Cheap monday standalone stores are untagged, no towers and easy. (They also sell Lazyoaf) just conceal in changeroom. Surfdiveski has a lot of untagged items too. Universal store often has untagged items as well.


guccienthusiast wrote

Oh fair, general pants would be easy i guess but they're usually tagged and everything in citybeach is tagged, idk what cheap monday standalones are and surfdiveski should actually be good if stuffs untagged there, same with universal. Thanks for the help!