Magnet Detacher and Booster Bag Detection Technology

Submitted by slickwillie79 in Shoplifting

So here's the site of this company that is making products that detect magnets and booster bags https://www.controltekusa.com/retail-solutions/magnet-detection/

I've been trying to find out more about the technology they use and can't find anything. I'm worried it's only a matter of time before a majority of stores are using these products.

Does anyone know how these products work? Does anyone have any idea what could be possibly used to detect magnets? Could they simply be using metal detectors for the booster bags?

I was thinking there might be ways to remove sensors in some way without magnets if these products become the norm, which I'll be more than happy to start working on new methods if that becomes the case.

I like what a couple guys said in that "Detacher setting off alarm" thread about us all getting together and starting a list of stores that have been confirmed in using these products.

Shoplifting makes me a lot of money I can't let these greedy fuckers win!


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Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

They can’t app you just for bringing a booster bag. You still have to steal something. And every time a store comes up with a new security measure, the crooks then find a way around it. I have never seen a security measure where shoplifters say “it’s too dangerous, I won’t steal anymore”


Cufflux wrote

This trumps properly arranged faraday fabric?


highendlover wrote

If we can find some material that can block out magnetic waves from being detected by magnet detectors and cant be detected by the towers then we can potentially create some sort of casing to keep the detatcher in so it cant be detected by towers


highendlover wrote (edited )

I was thinking once about creating some sort of steel case for carrying magnets because i read steel can shield magnetic waves which are detected by magnet detectors thus alerting LP that you have a detatcher on you but i believe that the magnetic detectors detect most kinds of metals too.


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

Well, my Barnes and Noble has a set of these. I kinda wanna go back and take a pic of the EAS to start working on that archive.


slickwillie79 wrote

Cool, I'm gonna go out and see if I find anymore stores with these and contribute to that list as well. Barnes and Noble though? that's funny considering all the high end stores that don't have them yet lol


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

Right? Caught me off guard. I’ve walked into dozens of other stores with more valuable merch with no problem.