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WendyInGa wrote

I've been going to Home Depot for ever. The best tips of advice I can give you is to be quick. Know what you're going in for know where it's at have a plan. Try to be as low-key as possible don't be looking up for cameras or eyeballing the employees. Have a Home Depot bag in your pocket. Don't use a duffel bag that is too suspicious. If the items small enough to fit in a bag go in put it in your bag in a blind spot of the store and get out as quick as possible. If the item is too large to fit into a store bag, have your store bag with something small in it and have the item in your buggy put the store bag on top of the item you're stealing and roll it out of a exit. Most exits at Home Depot are guarded. But you can walk right by if you have already remove the security tag. Try to be as quick as possible but if you see an exit without an employee walk out the exit. The Garden area is the best since the employees are usually busy and not at their station. Using your phone holding a receipt is a good idea just not the duffle bag have a Home Depot bag with something in it and get out the door. The key is to be as quick as possible!


ElectroKool OP wrote

The item is a sizable amount since its a power tool. So still shove it in a home depot bag?