Home Depot tips/tricks?

Submitted by ElectroKool in Shoplifting (edited )

I’m tryna go to Home Depot to lift a jig saw in order to make one of those ghetto massage guns. I’m not sure about the security of my home depot, but my plan was to buy a small $2 item that I need and walk out through the garden while on my phone. I’d act like I was in a rush and wave the receipt and do one of those “I’m coming!” type jogs.

Any problems with or advice for my plan?

Edit: Also how do I know if a store is a good store to lift from?


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thief moderator wrote

Use the duffel bag you stated and conceal in a blind spot away from employees and customers. Home Depot is a very large store so often times they can't cover the entire store at once but this doesn't mean play it dumb. In fact play it as smart as possible, use the blind spot to your greatest advantage.

Is there an exit that's not attended that you know of?


ElectroKool wrote

Sorry been busy. I’ll check when I can but let yalls know how it goes. If theres an unattended exit I’m going for it right away.


Drshoplifter wrote

Walk outs are risky. Make sure you leave through an unattended exit. Personally I think it’s safer to just bring a bag and conceal in a blind spot.


ElectroKool wrote

I assume the jigsaw is gna be in a big bulky box. I could try to bring a duffel bag since I use that to go to the gym anyways, but you think theres anything on it to set off alarms?


WendyInGa wrote

I've been going to Home Depot for ever. The best tips of advice I can give you is to be quick. Know what you're going in for know where it's at have a plan. Try to be as low-key as possible don't be looking up for cameras or eyeballing the employees. Have a Home Depot bag in your pocket. Don't use a duffel bag that is too suspicious. If the items small enough to fit in a bag go in put it in your bag in a blind spot of the store and get out as quick as possible. If the item is too large to fit into a store bag, have your store bag with something small in it and have the item in your buggy put the store bag on top of the item you're stealing and roll it out of a exit. Most exits at Home Depot are guarded. But you can walk right by if you have already remove the security tag. Try to be as quick as possible but if you see an exit without an employee walk out the exit. The Garden area is the best since the employees are usually busy and not at their station. Using your phone holding a receipt is a good idea just not the duffle bag have a Home Depot bag with something in it and get out the door. The key is to be as quick as possible!


ElectroKool wrote

The item is a sizable amount since its a power tool. So still shove it in a home depot bag?


Lifted_Hickory wrote

Most power tools are source tagged. That is they will have an EAS tag inside the tool itself not on the package. They also spider wrap majority as well depending on your area. Best bet is straight walkout but be alert of anyone watching you, or following you.

I've done $900 item walkouts at HD but you need to be ready for that kind of action.

Honestly to do a power tool at HD you need a booster bag, or just be prepared to book it out the door and don't look back.


RobbinHood92 wrote

Wear a super baggy pant. Inbox and tie it to your waist and let it dangle in your pant.

Lol. The only and best way I can think about doing it