Best Buy Games

Submitted by DontFuckWithTarget in Shoplifting

So I was thinking of picking up some games at Best Buy. Do you all think that concealing, then removing the alpha case in the bathroom is a good idea?

I could also just take the whole thing conceal and walk out, but I rather keep it on the down low so I can continue going back.



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sudo wrote

Careful, Best Buy LP will follow you into the bathroom if they see you concealing. Make damn sure you're in a blind spot before you conceal. If you can get it from a store with less aggressive LP, I would do that.


DontFuckWithTarget OP wrote

They will? Shit. Lol I have three Best Buy’s in my city and I’m still debating which one has less aggressive LP and more blind spots.

But I’ve seen how those cameras work. Those shits zoom pretty far, makes me paranoid if blind spots are even useful.


sudo wrote

I meant other stores besides Best Buy; unless you have a vendetta against them, it'd be better to get the games from a different retail chain.