I can't stop worrying about getting caught?

Submitted by wtfisraddle in Shoplifting

I posted yesterday asking if I was going to be found because I accidentally used my bank card in a store half a kilometre away from where I lifted $150 worth of stuff from a supermarket. I'll elaborate more and get your guys opinions on whether I'm just being paranoid or if I might genuinely get a letter in the mail with a court date, or police at my door. Once again, go ahead and laugh if this is silly.

It was busy in the supermarket and as far as I'm aware, no one saw me conceal and I was in (I think) a blind spot. I left while on a fake phone call, beeped, but no one stopped me or called out to me, I just kept walking. Then I walked through the very busy shopping street, crossed an intersection, and went into an information centre for public transport (where you can't even lift anything because there's nothing to buy) and used my bank card to recharge my public transport card. Now anxiety is just playing on my mind that the staff at the supermarket got access to cameras in the shopping street, watched me walk through the crowds of people also walking, crossed the intersection, then got access to the cameras in the public transport information centre and got my bank card information and identity from the machine I used to recharge. This sounds silly when I write it out, but anxiety just keeps playing on my mind that I'm going to get a letter in the mail with a court date or fine, or police at my door. I just need some reassurance that I'm just being paranoid and I'll most likely be fine, unless you do think that I might get caught. Thanks..


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ifthreewerenine wrote

I'm with the other commenters here. There is a very VERY small chance that a) anyone at the supermarket will give a shit that you beeped and b) investigate the surrounding area's cameras.

You're good. Work on being careful and not so damn paranoid because that's what they're going to pick up on when you walk into a place to lift.

No one is coming after you for lifting at a supermarket. Based on what other commenters have described, both here and the years worth of posts in the old subreddit, probably the worst that will happen for supermarket lifting is you'll be spotted and followed next time you go in and possibly told not to return. I guess it depends on what you're lifting, how careful you are (or aren't).

Police generally don't have the time to chase after suspected lifters at supermarkets, unless you're lifting thousands of dollars of merch. I've never heard of grocery lifters being pursued by the cops. There was one or two cases around here where trashy hooligans were lifting hundreds worth of alcohol, hitting multiple stores in a short period of time, but if you're not trying to nick like 12 bottles of expensive vodka in one or two gos, you're probably fine if you continue being careful.

To make a stop I think LP has to have all five steps anyway. Look it up if you don't know what those are.


Drshoplifter wrote

You gave me permission to laugh, so im doing just that right now, lol. You got away with it. Nothing can be done about it now. They're not going to investigate that heavily for shoplifting. If you robbed an old lady, ya, they may go through the trouble to catch you. But shop theft? No. The store doesn't have access to the cameras on the streets. Only the police do. I bet you could do that every day for a month and never get caught. at the same store. as long as you used a blind spot.


wtfisraddle wrote

Thanks dude, glad I could give you a laugh. I'm still fairly new to this so I'm still learning what's realistic and what isn't.


Drshoplifter wrote

Ya getting caught that way isn’t realistic. And if your using a blind spot it doesn’t matter what your stealing. They could call the police and the police would turn around and say there’s no proof. I’m not really laughing at you, more laughing with you. I used to be like that too


Avalon wrote

It's good to be scared, it's what keeps you alive. And in this case, it keeps you from getting complacent and lazy.


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

Don’t worry, man. You’re golden. I had the same anxiety when I got caught doing a walkout at a supermarket. They just asked for the cart back and toke a picture of my license plate.

Now that’s way worse than what happened to you, and still nothing has happened and nothing will likely happen. I’m just not gonna go back there again.

On a side note, I got caught because I got waaay too cocky. Although I got away with this a bunch of times before, I got ballsy and did this during a Saturday while they were stocking in the morning. It was busy and here were more employees. Rookie mistake, and I’ve learned from it.

Regarding your anxiety, just relax. Tell yourself they got nothing on you. Which they don’t. :)


GwenQuin wrote

Do you mind if I ask how you got caught, I'm new to this and paranoid. Also I fuck with target all the time :)


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

Well, basically at that one grocery store I would usually go in, fill my cart with what I need, and leave through the entry doors away from the cashiers.

I would hover around the entrance until the coast was clear and I’d walk out.

This was best exicuted during the weekdays around 2pm when it was slow.

However, one Saturday morning I needed stuff for breakfast and I went around 10am half asleep. Given all the times I’ve gotten away with this, I got cocky and did my normal routine, only this time, there were a bunch of employees stocking.

So as I left I got to my car and just as I was about to unload, a worker (not sure if manager) came up to me and said “you gonna give that back?”

I just stayed cool and complied. He snapped a pic of my license before I knew it and I got the hell out of there.

Haven’t been back since.