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DontFuckWithTarget wrote

Well, basically at that one grocery store I would usually go in, fill my cart with what I need, and leave through the entry doors away from the cashiers.

I would hover around the entrance until the coast was clear and I’d walk out.

This was best exicuted during the weekdays around 2pm when it was slow.

However, one Saturday morning I needed stuff for breakfast and I went around 10am half asleep. Given all the times I’ve gotten away with this, I got cocky and did my normal routine, only this time, there were a bunch of employees stocking.

So as I left I got to my car and just as I was about to unload, a worker (not sure if manager) came up to me and said “you gonna give that back?”

I just stayed cool and complied. He snapped a pic of my license before I knew it and I got the hell out of there.

Haven’t been back since.