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ifthreewerenine wrote

I'm with the other commenters here. There is a very VERY small chance that a) anyone at the supermarket will give a shit that you beeped and b) investigate the surrounding area's cameras.

You're good. Work on being careful and not so damn paranoid because that's what they're going to pick up on when you walk into a place to lift.

No one is coming after you for lifting at a supermarket. Based on what other commenters have described, both here and the years worth of posts in the old subreddit, probably the worst that will happen for supermarket lifting is you'll be spotted and followed next time you go in and possibly told not to return. I guess it depends on what you're lifting, how careful you are (or aren't).

Police generally don't have the time to chase after suspected lifters at supermarkets, unless you're lifting thousands of dollars of merch. I've never heard of grocery lifters being pursued by the cops. There was one or two cases around here where trashy hooligans were lifting hundreds worth of alcohol, hitting multiple stores in a short period of time, but if you're not trying to nick like 12 bottles of expensive vodka in one or two gos, you're probably fine if you continue being careful.

To make a stop I think LP has to have all five steps anyway. Look it up if you don't know what those are.