How do I work myself up to shoplift more?

Submitted by SuperDave in Shoplifting (edited )

I’d like to start shoplifting expensive things one day but don’t have the courage. Where should I start as a beginner? And how do I work up?

Edit: I’m in a pretty tough financial situation too. I have to start boosting soon. And I’m afraid to use bags but I really have to in order to conceal anything decent.


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terrificbuilder wrote

start off at dollar stores. Where I live there's a chain of dollar stores called Dollarama that either don't have security cameras or if they do there's one pointing at the register. I joke and call the place "freeorama" it's painfully easy to shoplift there to the point where I usually go in with a backpack, just load it up with food and other stuff, and then walk out. I'd suggest starting at something like that and then working your way up. Gradually you'll pick up on how retail works and you'll quickly learn that those security cameras you see everywhere are very rarely, if ever, monitored. I personally haven't paid for groceries in 3 or 4 years so that should give you a good indication of how easy this stuff is.

You'll hear a lot of stories about stores that will "build cases" or have plain clothes LP or active LP or even folks that look at the monitors for 8+ hours straight. A lot of the time it's BS. It also depends on the area. A nicer part of town or high income part of town is naturally going to be lax on LP/Security. NEVER shop lift in a lower income part of town just to be safe. Also a lot of LP, if not the majority, have hands off apprehension. they can't physically stop you and they like to gloat and say they have something called "Verbal Judo" to catch people. Really only the gullible or idiots fall for that. In all my years of shoplifting have had 2 or 3 LP attempt the verbal judo on me to which I say "nope, i'm out, not coming back." or simply just ignore them.

Also keep in mind that the majority of retail employees simply aren't paid enough to give a damn about shoplifters. only the ones who are "lifers" (people who have no intention of ever leaving the company or moving their way up to management) give a damn and those people are painfully easy to spot.


Drshoplifter wrote

just start loading up and walking out man. start small. go to walmart and take something less than 25 dollars. They dont call police for less than 25. walmart doesn't believe in charging people for such small theft. It honestly just looks bad on the company.


Throwdown321 wrote

if you need food probably target places like walmart, with little security, supermarkets, something like grocery outlet usually have security, but not all of them. If you need to lift and sell them on the market, walmart is probably good for electronics, apple products are profitable.