Nordstrom / Nordstrom Rack

Submitted by ifthreewerenine in Shoplifting

Back when the subreddit was still around, I read something about these stores altering their LP program in a way that would potentially benefit lifters.

"Rack stores are eliminating hourly positions and only keeping LPM’s, a lot of stores have already did away with their teams some stores are using a third party security company to deal with the openings they have. I don’t anticipate Nordstrom keeping their LP teams after a year or two, at a store level at least."

Does that mean there isn't anyone watching the cameras? Does that mean that the only LP at Nordstrom Rack is the uniformed security gaurd at the door?


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Throwdown321 wrote

security guards are better trained than lp they may pursue loss prevention more aggressively, Wierd they went backwards on security.


XefLP wrote

I don't work at Nordstrom, but the one at the mall I work LP at has 1-2 plainclothes LPOs that can make stops and nothing else. They sit on cams and go to the floor when needed as usual. I think Rack is just a uniformed near the door along with a LPM like you said though.