Noob question

Submitted by pearl_lifter in Shoplifting

Would it be possible to use a thick paperclip as a hook to detag? I'm super paranoid about getting caught and I want to find items that aren't sus to use when I lift.


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Drshoplifter wrote

I’m paranoid about getting caught too. But after doing it 9 years and never being caught I’ve decided shoplifting is pretty safe.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

you need to be paranoid, because you are shoplifting, being complacent, such as greed can get you caught.


Drshoplifter wrote

It’s all in how you do it too. So even if they are watching you’d still get away. For example you could put an item that you want to steal in a hand basket. Put a couple outfits on top of it to cover it up, go to fitting room and conceal. When you exit the fitting room leave the outfits in the same position so lp can’t tell that the item is missing.