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Uk_Lifts OP wrote (edited )

😂 I need that magnet in my life!!! 😂 they keep it attached to a load of keys & keep it on there hip at all times 👎🏻👎🏻


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

I was so tempted to snatch it from an employee at WalMart who was stocking up stuff in the electronics section. Probably a bad idea since it was during the day and LP was probably watching.

But she had the keys hanging from her sweater pocket and it looked so easy to just take em xD


Uk_Lifts OP wrote

Yeah proberly not a great idea rushing the employee haha full on rugby tackle um 2 the floor... think they may notice the magnet gone 😂 i wish i was skillful enough like the people hu just walk up to you bump into ya & then bang they have got ur watch off ya wrist & purse out ya bag & ur none the wiser they are propa skillfull people. Ive just come back from shops ive been out everyday this week got meself some goodies 😁