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thief moderator wrote

  1. Search up "S3 Key for sale UK" and click on the first link, I think. And for the magnet search for a golf detacher.

  2. Best things to flip are stuff like makeup, power tools, some high-end electronics (but be careful with this one).

  3. Yes you clip lanyard tags, and no, they won't go off, they're basically a magnetic piece of plastic. No electronics, no problem.

I wish you luck on your next lift!


Uk_Lifts wrote

Cool il check that link out need the proper tools clippers take 2 long on some stuff I could ov got like triple the stuff if had a magnet in the time it took 2 use the clippers I’m going equipped anyway so if I get a charge I might aswell have the right tool ain’t it! Nice 1 4 the info 👍🏻


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

Have you bought from Seemed kinda fishy to me, so I just went with eBay.


thief moderator wrote

I personally haven't but that's what I just found searching "S3 Key for sale UK". Yeah eBay seems a little more secure so new suggestion: do ebay.