Am I going to be found?

Submitted by wtfisraddle in Shoplifting (edited )

I suspect I'm being paranoid and don't need to worry, but I wanted to get your opinions anyway. Yesterday I lifted about $150 worth of stuff from a supermarket. (The supermarket is part of a shopping street). Then I used my bank card in a store about half a kilometre away. Will they be able to track security cameras from the supermarket to the other store, and get my identity from my bank card? Or will they just not bother? This is Australia by the way. Feel free to laugh if this is silly.



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thief moderator wrote

The only way I see you getting caught is:

-The first store had cameras and they check it. Unlikely they would check em considering it's a shopping street;

-They ping an alert to nearby stores. Then comes the very unlikely risk of thee second store checking their cameras, if they have any at all.

-Then comes the extremely unlikely risk of them somehow saving your credit card information and reporting it to the police if they even decide to investigate this long.

Yes, quite the silly thing to worry about, but there's too many factors here that make it unlikely you'll be caught. Best of luck and happy lifting!


RobbinHood92 wrote

Nahhh. Not really. That’s going to take time and the police have to get footage and compare faces. Etc

Too much work.

But next time. If you’re gonna do something risky like that. Pay with cash.

Have cash ready :3


ravengrace wrote

No I think they would be spending too much money on resources and for them to do that it would have to be theft over $5000 depending on where you live there are different laws for when you steal over a certain amount.


ravengrace wrote

only reason you would really have to worry is if you're already an outlaw for different reasons ;)


Drshoplifter wrote

I doubt they’re going to track you. Not unless you kidnapped a little girl.


youbuyingweselling wrote

I heard Australia is a free for all when it comes to retail goods especially clothes. You have nothing to worry about. You have to think about when do they notice the theft. 150 at a supermarket really isnt that much... getting over your own paranoia is a major key in becoming a successful shoplifter.