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highendlover wrote

Also keep an eye out for the brand "Alert Systems" or "Alert Systems Hyper Guard" Because Alert Systems is a company that has been developing glass towers like the ones i showed that detect booster bags and magnets. They also have a black little box that is installed in Fitting Rooms that will detect magnetic movement and alert LP so you can be apprehended before you even leave the store.


Hermes wrote

Seriously? Detecting magnet movements? That's pretty sophisticated.


ifthreewerenine wrote

Do you know what stores already use these?


highendlover wrote (edited )

Here is a list of stores that are supposedly starting to use this technology: but i know for a fact not every store from this list has magnet detectors. Keep in mind that some stores from this list will have magnet detectors and some wont so always be alert for magnet detectors in the entrance of stores. They are usually in front of the regular EAS towers.


DontFuckWithTarget OP wrote

Oh shit, didn’t know about those. Good to know.

My S3 got through previously no problem though.