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ravengrace wrote (edited )

I went to a store where I bought everything. The towers went off anyway. The lady rescanned my items then grabbed my bag out of my hands and walked through the sensors, then made me walk through the sensors. Didn't steal anything but since I didn't know my so called rights I just went with it. Now I would tell her hey you can't do that unless you saw me conceal something... if it's the same in Klanada. The other time I was at a liquor store and the LP kept staring at me the whole time. It was making me really uncomfortable and I did not plan to steal. I kept walking around because I'm really indecisive and he was making me uncomfortable so I couldn't think.. then he asked me really loudly across the store "Can I help you?" in a really aggressive voice. I was really embarrassed. I said no just looking. But he walked up to me and demanded to know what I was looking for. I didn't know what to say so I just said a fruity drink low in sugar... then he called over a sales person really loudly and the whole thing was in a really demeaning aggressive attitude... and everything he was saying he was saying so loudly so everyone could hear and everyone was staring at me.. so yeah I basically care about alarms because i have been publically humiliated as a result of alarms/ LPs/ do gooder workers


Drshoplifter wrote

You should report that. When I did lp I would never embarrass a customer in that manner.