Can the wiki be updated? I have new information about costco

Submitted by Whatchagonnado in Shoplifting

The wiki states to stay away, but that’s not accurate.

By law, a store can’t limit their pharmacy to members, so you can walk in the door with a “prescription.”

once in, you’re good. There are no cameras except by registers. Every place is a blind spot.

The biggest issue is that most everything they sell is big. However they sell 3 packs of frontline for almost $80 apiece, as well as filet mignon that fits in a purse and boy do they sell like hot cakes. (Or hot steaks.)

Even with the big bestbuy news, I think this is worth mentioning!


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Throwdown321 wrote

Ive been wondering if you can get into costco without a membership


Drshoplifter wrote

It needs to be updated for bust buy too. Hanging out on r/bestbuy. I’d say it’s only slightly harder than Walmart. The cameras are old and they can only see one at a time in most stores. They’re also no hands no chase.


Drshoplifter wrote

I hate that creepy reciept checker at sams. If I don’t buy anything he’ll even ask to check in my bag sometimes. And I never stole anything there. If there’s a gun in bag I won’t comply but if there’s not I will. No need to scare people.


sudo moderator wrote

That's ingenious. I'll add it to the wiki.


Whatchagonnado wrote

In fact, today there was a “Cutco” demonstration (expensive ass MLM knives), and the dude left ALL his product and a little sign saying when he’d be back. I could’ve lifted hundreds in one average bag.

Alas. I never lift on the spur of the moment- only w a plan. Might have a look tomorrow.


youbuyingweselling wrote

sometimes those spur of the moments get you gold.


Whatchagonnado wrote

I thought of that just the day after I posted it when I went to Whole Foods unexpectedly.

Not gold, but was easy enough to MAYBE change my stance on this, lol.



ziq wrote (edited )

You can update it yourself, anyone can.