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Stealformyson wrote

Thanks :) i actually got followed by lp yesterday. Though not at a store i plan to lift from. Was genuinley buying groceries at our local acme. Made me laugh haha. Though i hope i continue to be good with it and not get followed when i am stealing.

I've had alarms go off when not stelaing before at target and no one approched us so we judt left. Is this what theyd do if it did go off?

Thanks for the terminology guide. Off to read it now.


thief wrote

Yes, if it goes off and they have no proof they have no rights to stop you. They may say to come back but obviously don't do that. And no problem, I hope it comes in handy.


Throwdown321 wrote

lp followed you, because you might show some red flags to them. was there lp at the entrance at target. Many times i often see lp gone from the entrance in Target, however i always know there is 1 on standby next to the security moniter podium.