What sets off walmarts alarms?

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Hey lovleys ;) back at it again with the posting thing.

In my last post i talked about how nooby i am. So bear with me. Haven't had a chance to stalk the forum yet. Anyways what at walmart sets off those alarms at the door?

Things i'm thinking of lifting Mostly from the baby section aka Baby clothes Sippy cups Etc

Things i want to lift for myself Underwear and bras

I wanna lift shoes. I dont think i'd be able to get shoes in my size becuase they're bigger but my son is always misplacing his shoes so i'd probally try to get away with taking some for him.

I'm thinking about lifting small toys as well for him. Gotta start thinking about christmas.

Anyways someone in my last post described thick white tags? Not sure what they meant if someone can provide some examples. Or if you've stolen items i've described above have they set off the alarms? Off to make a trip for wipes and some other things tonight. Thinking about grabbing another sippy cup, maybe another piece of clothing, and socks tonight for my son. Of course when i lift something in me wants to take as much as possible so i'll try to limit it to that tonight ;) i'm not very good yet i should probally hold back a little. Thanks :)


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thief wrote (edited )

Refer to the Terminology Guide for information on the different assortment of tags.

And remember: they can't stop you just for the alarm unless they see you conceal or rip off a tag, the alarms are almost useless. This doesn't mean be careless, in fact, be careFUL, don't act suspicious, don't be careless, so you don't get busted.

I wish you luck.


Stealformyson wrote

Thanks :) i actually got followed by lp yesterday. Though not at a store i plan to lift from. Was genuinley buying groceries at our local acme. Made me laugh haha. Though i hope i continue to be good with it and not get followed when i am stealing.

I've had alarms go off when not stelaing before at target and no one approched us so we judt left. Is this what theyd do if it did go off?

Thanks for the terminology guide. Off to read it now.


thief wrote

Yes, if it goes off and they have no proof they have no rights to stop you. They may say to come back but obviously don't do that. And no problem, I hope it comes in handy.


Throwdown321 wrote

lp followed you, because you might show some red flags to them. was there lp at the entrance at target. Many times i often see lp gone from the entrance in Target, however i always know there is 1 on standby next to the security moniter podium.


Drshoplifter wrote

If the alarm goes off and you have stolen merchandise you need to keep walking. They will ask you to stop but the alarm isn’t enough for them to physically detain you. Keep walking and ignore, no matter what they say